6 simple ways to be a better friend

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Modern life is a lot less conducive to friendships than it used to be. We don’t usually realize how much we depend on good friends until we lose them. Here’s how to nurture your important friendships.

1. On your computer at home or work, make a note to “call friends” regularly.

Or, keep a sticky note on the phone, the bathroom mirror, the car dashboard, anywhere you’re likely to see it.
Also make sure your friends’ phone numbers are programmed into your phone.
Then call a friend when you have a spare 10 minutes. Alternatively, schedule a regular once-a-month lunch – same time, same place.

2. Make time for friendships.

Nothing makes closeness fade away more than never talking to or seeing each other.
While some bonds of friendship may be strong enough to span long silences, most aren’t.
If you cherish a person’s friendship, make time for him or her, whether it’s just the occasional phone call, e-mail or a weekly get-together.

3. A true friend doesn’t flee when changes occur.

Nothing is sadder for new parents than to find that

Online Dating for Beginners


There are many online dating sites, all of them require you to be at least 18 years of age. The two that I really liked, were Match.com and Yahoo Personals. Match.com is probably the largest online dating site ever, it allows you to create a profile, and search for other profiles for free. You can also send winks (basically a notification that you like someone’s profile) to other people for free. In order to actually send emails to other users, you need to be subscribed, which costs a small monthly fee (this can range from $9.99 to $29.99 depending on the site).

When you make your profile, make sure your being honest, because if you meet in person with someone, and they find out some of your information was duped, the sight won’t be a pretty one. A lot of the dating sites have an option to add a picture of you. If your planning on doing this, have a good quality camera (preferably a digital camera unless you have a scanner). Ask a friend or family member to take a few shots of

Steps For A Pleasant Online Dating Experience


Online dating has potential, but the result that you get largely depends on how you approach it and how you handle the entire process. There are people who have a better experience than others simply because they probably choose to be a little more organized when entering into online dating. Taking a step at a time is what you should strive for if you want to see the results that you expect.

Step 1 – Make up your mind. This is very important for those looking for serious relationships. Do not enter into online dating if you are going it as a trial because then this means that you will end up wasting a lot of time. You need to be sure that going online is the best way to find what you are looking for and have confidence that it will indeed get you what you are expecting. When your mind is made up it becomes easy for you to have everything done right so you are successful in the end.

Step 2 – Write your profile. It is best to write your online dating profile before you even start looking

Checklist for hiring residential care for aging parents

If you have ageing parent(s) and your busy work schedule is preventing you from spending quality time with them, the points discussed in the article will help get the best professional assistance on-board.
Is residential care right for your senior-citizen parent?

Choosing residential care is an emotional and personal decision. Providing first-rate care for your ageing parents at home is easy as long as they don’t need specialized medical care or suffer from debilitating ailments. However, if they do need special care, or have frequent spells of memory loss or disorientation, then they are safer and better cared for in a residential care facility.
Cost of residential care

If your parent(s) qualify for residential treatment, you’ll be expected to pay for their monthly accommodation and food expenses. The costs are based on your tax returns or your parent’s returns if they have a steady annual income source. You are also required to submit a signed consent form, permitting the government access to your Revenue Canada records every year.

Once the assessment is done, the case manager details the residential care costs. People who don’t sign the form are charged the steepest rate. In subsidized residential care homes, the government takes care of all

3 tips to help care for parents from a distance

3 tips to help care for parents from a distance

According to Statistics Canada, one out of every five Canadians over the age of 45 is providing unpaid care for a senior. While distance care-giving comes with many challenges, a few helpful tips can make it easier to provide support and care to an aging parent.

1. Make the most of in-person visits

When you do have the chance to visit an elderly parent, make the most of those in-person visits. Check your parent’s home to ensure it’s in good shape. If he or she is having mobility issues, add some modifications that will make the home safer.

Take the time to meet with your parent’s doctors. Ask questions that will help you learn more about his or her current condition. After meeting with the physician, it will become easier to manage your parent’s care from a distance.
2. Use technology to stay connected

Technology offers many ways to stay connected with aging parents. Consider creating an online group that includes your parents, as well as extended family members. Open a Skype account for your parents and teach them how to use it so you can video chat with them weekly to see how they

How to stay close to your aging parents

As your parents get older, you may find that more and more things get in the way of your relationship with them. Distance, work, kids, and busy lives can all interfere with our ability to stay close to our ageing parents. While life seems to get in the way, there are a number of creative ways you can continue to keep your ageing parents close through the years.

1. Family meetings

Hosting family meetings is one of the most effective ways to stay close to your parents and spend time together as a family.
Meeting in person is the best option, but if you’re too far away to make the trip frequently, you can schedule phone chats or video calls to feel like you are all in the same place at the same time.
You can also ask neighbours and family members who are closer to them to drop in and check on them on a regular basis.

2. Letters and photos

Sending your parents mail is a great way of keeping in touch.
It doesn’t have to be a lengthy letter, just a note to let them know you are thinking of them.
You can type it on a computer so you can

6 simple ideas that will strengthen your relationship

Most lasting couples have learned that it takes time and attention to foster healthy relationships, and not just once in a while, but every day. Here is some advice to help you grow closer to your partner.

1. Take a weekend getaway

If you present the idea to your partner as an adventure, he or she will be more inclined to get in on the act.
Then the fun begins: deciding where you’ll go, what you’ll do, and how you’ll get there.
Plan it together. Pore over maps and the travel section of the newspaper together.
Discuss whether you should splurge on a room with a hot tub or a four-poster.

2. Renew your vows

Renewing your vows renews your commitment not only to your partner but also to keeping passion and intimacy in your relationship.
You can do it once a year by taking a romantic getaway on your anniversary or make it a once-in-a-lifetime event.

3. Read the comics out loud to each other

A study found that sharing humorous experiences significantly reduced the amount of conflict couples felt.
4. Hang out with a close friend

One study found that couples who have individual friendships outside their relationship were more satisfied with their marital relationships

3 Ways to put more romance in your life

Whether you’re in a relationship or in the market for one, romance is the spice that adds more flavour to life.  If you want to spice up your life, these suggestions may help to bring out the romantic in you.
How to find and foster romance

1. Shop for the right partner. Did you know that there’s actually a formula that predicts whether a marriage will succeed? Consider these predictors for a successful marriage:

Look to the parents: Check out your beloved’s family background, particularly the parents’ relationship, to get a good idea of the behaviour he’s been exposed to. What we learned as kids we often play out as adults.
Turn investigator: Are there signs of alcoholism or other forms of addiction in the family? Be careful — there’s often a genetic link. Also watch for a family history of depression or excessive anxiety.
Listen carefully: Identify how your potential partner communicates. Also pay attention to how he or she handles sticky situations and painful emotions.
Consider whether or not compromise exists in your relationship: If you’re forever giving in, then you’ve got a problem. Compromise is one of the key elements of a healthy relationship.
Ask yourself if there is

8 ways to heal unhappy relationships and improve your health

A study of 105 middle-age British government employees found that women and men with more marital worries had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as higher levels of stress and high blood pressure — factors that raise risk for heart attack and stroke. Here are some ways to heal unhappy relationships and benefit your health.

Reasons to fix unhappy relationships

If your union has been unhappy or hostile for a long time, pay extra attention to your mental health and your heart health.
Creating a happy marriage can lead to a longer, healthier life: Married people are more likely than single people to take simple health-promoting steps on a daily basis such as eating breakfast, wearing seat belts, getting physical activity, having regular blood pressure checks and not smoking.
And be patient: In another study, most unhappy couples who simply stayed together were very happy within five years.

Repair plan

Stop expecting perfection from your mate.
Experts say most couples — even those in happy marriages — have six to 10 areas of disagreement that may never be resolved.
Your marriage may not be broken at all — just normal!

Keep your love account in the black

According to various experts, it takes

6 secrets to a lasting relationship

The key to a successful, stable relationship is no secret; it requires time and attention. The following advice deals with the little things that can make relationships go a long way.

1. Have a conversation about the big things

When you were courting, did you talk for hours about current events or the meaning of life?
If all you seem to talk about now is the grocery shopping or how much to spend on a new sofa, reintroduce meaningful conversation into your relationship.
Try this: one night, while you’re in front of the TV or in the car, make a provocative (but not hurtful) remark about something your partner cares deeply about — the government, an athlete — something that will get his or her dander up.
He or she will disagree, of course, which will get the ball rolling. Keep it rolling!

2. Say thank you at least once a day

You thank others for the little courtesies they do for you. But do you thank your partner for his or hers?
If he or she makes you breakfast every morning, say thank you and mean it.
If your partner took out the garbage without being asked, say thank you even if it’s

The 4 most common relationship problems and how to solve them

Relationship problems are inevitable, but you can help reduce the impact that these conflicts have on you and your significant other by being prepared to handle them.

No matter how well you get along with your significant other, issues will undoubtedly arise. Relationship problems are inevitable, but you can help reduce the impact that these conflicts have on you and your significant other by being prepared to handle them. Here are four of the most common relationship problems and solutions to them.
1. Poor communication

According to the author of “Blending Families,” nearly every relationship problem begins because of poor communication. In an age where cell phones and laptops allow us to be connected with the outside world with just our fingers, it can be challenging keeping your attention off the digital screen and focused on your partner. While it can be stressful for a person with a demanding job to separate work from home, it’s imperative that couples designate “us” time. Make it a point to turn off all technology after a certain hour to devote time to just the two of you. Most importantly, always speak up if you have an issue or concern, and never let bad blood linger.

4 ways to improve communication in your relationship

If you’re in a romantic relationship, chances are that boosting communication is of paramount importance to you. With these tips, you can take some concrete steps to improve the overall dynamic of you relationship.

1. Don’t talk when angry

When people get angry, they often things they don’t mean. If you or your partner is very angry, consider postponing an important conversation until each of you has had time to cool off. If things start getting heated in the middle of the conversation, try establishing keywords that indicate that you’re upset and might need to postpone the conversation. It’s much easier to discuss topics when calm, even if it takes some time before you reach that point.
2. Really listen

This seems straightforward, but you might be surprised about how difficult it can be to just sit back and listen to what the other person has to say — especially during a heated moment. Even if you feel something strongly, or if you eagerly want to share your thoughts and opinions, make sure to give your partner ample time to share his or her feelings and really listen while he or she does. Increase intimacy by showing that you’re attentive. Bonus: taking a

Find love with tips for a great online dating profile

What you share and how you share it can help you attract the best possible match. Here ‘s how to find love through a great online dating profile.

Whether you’ve been trying online dating for a few months or are just getting started, you can ensure that you’re making a lasting impression on potential dates with an attractive online dating profile. What you share and how you share it can help you attract the best possible match and make your profile stand apart from the pack. Here’s how to find love through a great online dating profile.
1. Variety of photos

We’re visual creatures, and as such, your potential matches want to see clear pictures of you and you alone. Skip the group photos, pictures of your pets and random shots of places you’ve been to in favour of a few self-portraits and action shots that show your best side. Make sure you share recent photos so that viewers have a realistic idea of what you look like.
2. Positive tone

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been heartbroken recently, have a troubled dating past or are close to giving up online dating altogether — your matches don’t want to hear about it. Keep

5 features of a great online dating profile

Ensure you’re making a lasting impression on potential dates with an attractive online dating profile. What you share can help you attract the best possible match. Below are just five features of a great online dating profile:

1. Variety of photos

Your potential matches want to see clear pictures of you and you alone.
Skip the group photos, pictures of your pets and random shots of places you’ve been to in favour of a few self-portraits and action shots that show your best side.
Make sure you share recent photos so that viewers have a realistic idea of what you look like.

2. Positive tone

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been heartbroken recently, have a troubled dating past or are close to giving up online dating altogether — your matches don’t want to hear about it.
Keep things positive and neutral. Prospective dates don’t need to know about your baggage before they’ve even met you.

3. Specific details

Sharing details about your requirements makes it easier to filter out people who aren’t good matches.
State whether you’re just looking to meet new people at this stage or are ready for something a little more serious. These details can encourage the right people to get in touch

10 Secrets to Online Dating Success

Online dating is a new way to find friends or perhaps to find your special someone.

So many people right now are interested in online dating because most Internet users are singles and through the Internet meet with other singles from across the globe.

Internet dating is safe and convenient.

This article will reveal 10 secrets to help you to become successful at Internet dating. Are you ready for that?

1. Knowing your self and what kind of person you are, so you can build confidence in your self

2. Find out what kind of relationship you are looking for. Whether your seeking a friendship or a pen pal or something more serious that may lead to a relationship and maybe marriage.

3. Know what kind of personality you are seeking, so you can find somebody who is compatible with you.

4. Start to join with an online dating website that is available on the Internet. Find out if that dating site covers international or just local members so you can decide which one you desire.

5. Write a good and appealing profile. Try to be honest and say what kind of person you feel you are.

Describe your personality likes and dislikes, figure, and habits, and mention what

Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating is as safe, and in some ways safer than meeting people offline. Online dating services protect your anonymity at all times (your real name, contact details, and so on) and provide tools to block and report bad apples, as well as online dating safety tips like these. The rest is up to you. If there’s any danger at all, it’s that you feel too safe and forget to use your common sense. So, here are some reminders to help keep your online dating experiences safe and enjoyable.

Remain anonymous:

Never, ever include your real name, address or contact details in your profile or personal ad, or communications with other members. Remember, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone would need these details. Online dating services provide plenty of options for communicating, safely and anonymously.

Be wary of anyone who presses for information:

At online dating sites the focus is on personalities, interests, values and so on – the type of information that helps you determine if someone’s “the one.” Specific details, like your exact address, or place of work or study aren’t relevant and you should be immediately suspicious of anyone who pushes for this type of information.

Keep it vague:

Telling someone that you

Tips on learning Tango with your partner

While it may be a beautiful and timeless dance for couples, the Tango also has many lessons to teach. If you’re learning with your partner, you may discover insight that help your relationship grow. Read on for tango couple’s tips.

Tango rapport basics

Sure, proper footwork and dance etiquette are woven into the lessons learned during tango, but there are also lessons that transcend the dance floor and reach into the couple’s everyday lives. Learn how mastering this timeless dance style can improve both your footwork on the floor, and your partnership in real life.
A lesson in teamwork

Learning to dance the Tango is an exercise in partnership, both on and off the dance floor.
While our modern world prizes fierce independence and personal space, the Tango demands closeness and trust. It is impossible to move to the best of your ability while doing the Tango unless you first anticipate and appreciate the movements of your partner.

Your own rhythm is utterly lost without the synchronicity of the other person. You see? The Tango is not only fun and sexy, but the ultimate model for love and compatibility.
Embrace a challenge

Old-fashioned? Absolutely. Awkward and quite clumsy at its beginning? You bet. Frustrating and

5 tips from longtime married couples

5 tips from longtime married couples

Anyone who has been married or in a relationship can probably attest to the challenges of staying happy together long term. Read on to find great advice often offered by longtime married couples.

1. Work at it

Nearly every couple who has been married successfully for many years admits that marriages are not easy. Committing time to communicating, fixing problems as they come up and being patient with your partner are all keys to ensuring a marriage that lasts a long time.
2. Be flexible

Every person grows and changes as time passes, and you should enter into a relationship knowing that both you and your partner will change as things happen to you. Be willing to get to know new aspects of your partner as you grow, and continue to communicate about feelings and beliefs, since they are ever-evolving. Talking about thoughts and feelings is a great way to stay close to your partner and him or her to stay close to you as you both go through life.
3. Try new things

One of the reasons that many relationships get boring and stale is because couples get into a rut. To ensure that things stay fresh and

4 helpful tips for telling your friends about your divorce

Getting divorced is never easy, and the process comes with myriad challenges. One of the hardest is breaking the news to other people. If you and your spouse are planning to get divorced, use the tips below to make breaking the news to friends as painless and possible.

1. Gauge the situation

If you and your partner are splitting up amicably, it may be smart to tell friends together.
If you break the news to your friends as a couple, you won’t force them to choose sides or make them feel as if one side is the enemy.
When both members of the couple are present, friends can get both sides of the story.
However, if you are in an adversarial situation, it’s best to tell friends alone. You don’t want to fight or be uncomfortable in front of them and make the situation even more awkward and tense.

2. Be prepared for a variety of reactions

You never know how a friend will react to the news of your divorce. Some may be sad because they liked your partner, while others will jump for joy.
The best way to prepare for reactions and ensuing conversations is to anticipate unexpected responses.
Don’t place any

5 essential tips for making a long-distance relationship work

A long-distance relationship has many challenges, and it’s not for everyone. But those who do make it work could revel in its unique pleasant surprises. For those separated by many miles, here are some key factors that can help cement a healthy long-distance relationship.

1. Set some ground rules

Partners in a relationship should be on the same page at all times, which can be more of a challenge for couples who are thousands of miles apart.
This is why setting some ground rules can help manage expectations early on in the relationship.
For example, you could both agree to always inform each other when you go out with your friends.

2. Communicate regularly

Communication is essential in every healthy relationship, but even more so with long-distance relationships because it is what keeps the connection going.
You can make a point of sending a message early in the morning and before going to bed.
You can also involve your partner in every major event in your life by sharing it with him or her during video call time.

3. Do things together

Just because you’re not physically near, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same things.
Having common interests gives you something to talk about.